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Childhood neurological/learning/psychological disorders have gone from rare occurrence to epidemic proportions in a little more than one generation.  Three to seven percent of US children are considered to have ADHD(not including other disorders)1with some estimates gong as high as 15%.  Children with ADHD often continue with symptoms into adulthood.  Between 6.5 million and 9 million adults in the US have ADHD.


Why are these disorders so prevalent? Medical historian Harris Coulter, PhD and a growing  number of scientist, medical doctors and parents claim this increase is largely due to childhood vaccinations that are neurotoxic(poisonous to the brain):

A large proportion of the millions of U.S. children and adults suffering from autism, seizures, mental retardation, hyperactivity, dyslexia, and other…”developmental disabilities,” owe their disorders to one or another of the vaccines against childhood diseases.

With so many children neurologically impaired, “there is growing opposition to the number of shots required.”

In addition to vaccination, other stressors that have been liked to neurological damage include head trauma, birth trauma, severe burns, infectious diseases, accidents and falls.


Psychiatric drugs such as Ritalin(tm) are given to children to treat their symptoms.  However, according to Peter Breggin, MD these drugs are dangerous.  Ritalin(tm) can cause drug-induced behavioral disorders, psychosis, mania, drug abuse, permanent neurological tics(Tourette’s syndrome), growth retardation and addiction.  Other side effects include loss of appetite, blurred vision, dizziness, lightheadedness, headache, dry mouth, stomach upset, sleeplessness, irritability, constipation, weight loss, chest pain, nervousness, pounding heart, difficulty urinating, mood changes and yellowing of the eyes and skin.  Children on Ritalin(tm)may become robotic, lethargic, depressed or withdrawn.  The drugs given to hyperactive children can frequently cause the very same problems they are supposed to treat:  inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

Many parents are concerned about drugging their children for years and the possible drug abuse, side effects and dependency that can develop as a result.  “Is there another way,” they ask?


For decades clinicians and parents have reported on the effectiveness of chiropractic care for the children with many kinds of neurological conditions including learning disorders, hyperactivity, dyslexia, inability to concentrate and behavior problems.  Some of the case histories below that have appeared in peer review journals underline chiropractic’s effectiveness with improving brain functions.


A five-year-old boy diagnosed with ADHD, difficult behavior and facial tics was on Ritalin(tm), Adderall(tm) and Haldol(tm for three years.  After eight weeks of chiropractic care his facial tics resolved and his behavior vastly improved.  The child’s pediatrician said he no longer exhibited ADHD symptoms.

An eight-year-old boy had many learning and behavioral disorders associated with ADHD that seemed to begin after a fall 18 months prior.  For the past 18 months the child’s symptoms had remained virtually unchanged.  After two months of chiropractic care his mother noted positive changes in behavior and a reduction in his complaints of headaches and neck pain symptoms.  In addition, reports from his teachers remarked on the positive changes in his behavior and improvements in academic performance.


Eight studies were reviewed with a total of 25 anecdotal reports.

All the studies suggested a positive effect from chiropractic care in individuals suffering from learning disabilities and dyslexia.  The author writes: “There seems to exist a potential role for chiropractic care in improving various cognitive modalities known to be essential in learning.”


Nine ADHD patients (4male, 5 female, 22 to 58 years old) were evaluated with the Test of Variable of Attention(T.O.V.A.TM) before care.  All patients had abnormal scores.  After two months of care, all patients had a significant change in ADHD score with 88% completely normalized.

Others have observed chiropractic’s effect on hyperactivity: “The majority of the children…did, in fact, improve under specific chiropractic care.”  Other studies indicate that structural care may improve I.Q.

One of the earliest and most dramatic studies on the benefits of chiropractic care occurred in a Kentucky reform school after 244 children were given chiropractic care.  The results so impressed the teachers that they wrote a letter to the governor requesting full time chiropractic care at the school.  They wrote(in part), “(The students)improved in health…school work…there has been a marked improvement in their moral life.”

How does chiropractic improve brain function? Present research indicates that one mechanism appears to be that chiropractic improves blood flow to the brain.  There may be other mechanisms as well that will explain why chiropractic has been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety, brain function, Chiropractic adjustments appear to balance nerve reflexes in the spinal cord.


Chiropractic, by releasing stress on the brain, spinal cord and related nerves and structures, can benefit all children and adults, especially those suffering from neurological disorders.

In addition to working with chiropractors, parents are enlisting the help of nutritionists, homeopaths, craniosacral therapist, medical doctors and other healers to improve their children’s and their own life expressions.

While seriously afflicted individuals certainly benefit from chiropactic care, so-called “normal” or “average” children benefit as well.  Students are better able to realize their full potential.  All children should visit a chiropractor for a checkup: all children deserve the benefits of chiropractic.

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