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A Patients Testimony

This isn’t just about what we do, it’s about who we are: Lighting the way to greater health.

As a 74 year old, I am very please as how my experience has been with NLC. I have Parkinson, arthritis, Polymyalgia, Rhumanica which is of the muscle and some days it is very hard for me to move. I take many medications. Dr. Larry had me got to my medical doctor to get rid of some of my medication. I was able to get rid of three, I am doing well without them. Thank you Doc.
The wonderful Doc Becky and Doc Larry has helped me in many ways. I fell and hurt myself in many places, was in a lot of pain, My back and spine was not in good shape but being adjusted has helped me a lot. My hip was so bad I could hardly walk but my being adjusted by Dr. Becky. I am doing much better. It’s easier for me to walk. Thank you Doc Becky. Also more doctors adjusted me. They helped me too. Thank you. Danielle and Amanda help me in many ways too. Thank you. When I first went to be adjusted I could hardly get on the table and some one always helped me. My hip hurt so bad. No I can get on the table a lot better and my hip is better and I can walk better. Thank you everyone.  – Elizabeth



When people ask me why I get adjusted I always tell them, “Optimal Health”. Their response typically sounds something like – what do you mean, don’t I already have that? I don’t get adjusted because I want my low back pain to go away, or my neck pain to dissipate, although those are wonderful “side affects”. I am more concerned with my body’s ability to function – why isn’t everyone else?



Research shows that the weight of a dime on a spinal nerve will decrease the function of that nerve by up to 60%. If that continues over time, not only will the nerve degenerate but the organ connected to that nerve as well.

I don’t know about your brain, but if it’s a typical brain like mine, the brain will send around 300 million messages coursing down the spinal cord in speeds up to  170 mph.  Imagine receiving only 1,200,000 messages! Imagine someone owing you 300 million dollars and only paying you 1,200,000, wouldn’t you feel a deficit? Do you think our body does? 

I, unlike some of my friends, do not want to live as long as a I can thinking “I’m just going to die someday anyway”…. I want to live in such a way that my body doesn’t have to live with the damaging affects of my lifestyle but ages as gracefully as possible. I want to turn my head when I drive, not my whole body, and ultimately I’d like my organs to function as close to 100% as possible.

Chiropractic makes that possible.