(esp. of change or action) Relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.
A person who advocates thorough or complete political or social reform.

The “Fundamental Nature” of our current medical system (Sickness-Disease Care) is to diagnose, cover-up and call that “treating”. The “treating” MD will give any number of medications in order to for a symptom to stop blaring loudly in the face of a decaying body. You have high blood pressure, take a pill. DO NOT address why the blood pressure is high, al beit lack of proper nutrition or exercise. DO NOT look to the controlling functions of the heart and blood systems. If the hose isn’t flowing freely, lets lubricate the hose, lets not go back to the very mechanics of the spicket or the hose to make sure it’s FUNCTIONALITY is addressed. A ROCK will block the water any time. Trickle into a flood? Not thru lubricating the hose. Someone, please remove the rock?

Why are we so interested in covering up that which makes us uncomfortable, despite the many times the warning signs are pre-crisis?


The Master Computer, The BRAIN must connect to the rest of the body for the body to receive all the information it needs to perform EVERY function of the body.

When the brain cannot connect due to a blockage, up to 85% of the time, we have no symptom or pain, IN FACT, our body crying out in pain typically is when we first respond, yet it’s our bodies last resort in shouting “HELP, There’s a problem here.”

A Chiropractic Adjustment is: Specific, Scientific, and Removes SUBLUXATION.

SUBLUXATION: What does that mean?

When the brain sends a message down the spinal cord, out thru the nerves, if they are blocked through a vertebral misalignment, the message cannot get to that organ. Therefore, over time, that organ will dysfunction. The Vertebrae degenerate, the nerve dies (whatever it’s connected to doesn’t mysteriously remain healthy, it decays as well).


What Does it Mean to be Fundamentally Different from our Current “Sickness-Disease” Care Model? CHIROPRACTIC IS HEALTH-CARE.

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