Fans of judo, weight lifting and wrestling may just see a familiar face in the crowd during the 2012 Olympic games. Behind the velvet ropes, just steps from where the world’s best athletes will be competing, a Naples-based chiropractor, Dr. Cade Copeland, will be waiting in the wings—ready to adjust the athletes should their bodies need it.

Copeland is one of more than 170 chiropractors and health professionals headed to the Olympic games as part of the Maximized Living team. It’s the first time that a large group of chiropractors has been invited to work alongside team doctors and trainers, and Copeland will truly be in the thick of all the action.

“It can actually be kind of exhausting, I’ve worked at special events over in Miami where we’ve supported athletes and in between rounds they’re pretty much constantly on and off the table for adjustments,” said Copeland, adding, “it’s like a free for all!”

But despite the heavyweight workload, Copeland is excited to be supporting team U.S.A., saying, “I love sports. I have played just about everything, so it’s an honor to get to work with these truly phenomenal athletes.”

The chance to work on the athletes of Team USA was presented because of Copeland’s affiliation with chiropractic group Maximized Living. A franchise of chiropracticdoctors, Maximized Living started working with members of the national judo and weightlifting teams a few years ago. After the two teams saw positive results, other sports quickly reached out to the organization.

“We’ve had great success; the teams are performing better with fewer injuries,” said Maximized Living’s CEO Shel Hart. “Ultimately, that translates to more medals, and that’s our ultimate goal.”

The organization, which calls itself a “wellness delivery system,” is helping athletes through its five pillars of wellness. These pillars include nutrition, chiropractic and reducing the body’s contact with toxic substances, among other things.

“A lot of these wrestlers had been using the nutrition strategies their fathers used. Their ideas on nutrition were really old school,” said Copeland, adding, “we changed up their diets and the results were amazing. They had more energy while still being lean.”

While nutritional coaching has been a part of Maximized Living’s partnership with these teams, at the London games, Copeland will mostly be tasked with adjusting the athletes’ spines. And after years of training and classes to be certified to work on world-class athletes, he says that he’s more than ready for the challenges their finely tuned bodies can bring.

“I can’t even tell you how many hours have gone into preparing for this. Hundreds, easily,” he said. “There’s the eight years I spent in school plus the countless seminars, trainings and meet ups with other doctors that I did to be certified to work on these athletes. There are 1,000 or so Maximized Living certified doctors around the world, and of those 200 are certified to work with Olympic athletes, and 80 of us are getting to go to London.”

Accompanied by his wife, Kristen Copeland, the pair—who will sport snazzy red, white and blue “Team Chiropractic” jackets—hope to get even just a bit of free time while they’re there to catch some of the other events.

“I’d love to see some of the swimming, and I think we’d also love to watch some of the gymnastics,” he said.

Ultimately, however, Copeland knows his trip is about Team USA, saying, “I want to see our team succeed, to bring gold back to the U.S., that would be amazing. And I know that as soon as the games are over I know we’ll be right back at it, working with these athletes to make them even better for the next Olympics.”